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"billspreston asked fandomnewsforecast:
Heads up - Once Upon a Time Finale just aired and all the storybook characters got their memories back/magic came back to Storybrook. Shipping feels also occurred for Snow/Charming and RumBelle across the fandom. New ship was created in Jefferson/Belle. Principal photography for S2 starts in July!!"
— Duly noted!
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To everyone who’s sent me messages and support, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I really want this site to do well. 

So a couple of things: 1. Evalilith pointed out that Forecast actually has an ‘e’. I promise I can spell you guys, I’m not an idiot, it was 2 in the morning when I saw that post and decided to do this. So, I fixed that. Any more help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

2. A couple of you guys have different ideas that you’ve shared with me and I’m definitely going to be figuring out what else we can do with this site to make it great. 

3. Thank you to everyone who offered to be correspondents, I’m going to be messaging you later with more details. THANKS SO MUCH. 

4. Let your friends know that this is a thing, I need more people to make it a reality. 



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