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ONCE UPON A TIME WHISPERS: Belle and Red have been bumped up to series regulars, and we're getting 2 new female characters, Anastasia (princess) and Magnolia (warrior). Snow and Emma will remember everything about Fairytale World, and we're going to learn more about Regina's past - she's also going to try to get Henry back on her side!!

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Supernatural Fandom Update

SPNers, attentiong. With the Season 7 finale approaching in less that 42 hours, we are all aware of a Season 8 in progress, and according to Clif Kosterman, body guard to Jensen and Jared, via twitter (@bodyguard4JandJ) that filming Season 8 will begin on July 10. We also have news that Sera Gamble stepping down from exec producer role and Jeremy Carver (who started off in Supernatural before pursuing to produce the North American adaptation of the hit BBC3 show Being Human) carrying on the Kripke legacy as a new executive producer.

If you haven’t clicked the provided link yet, I believe you have assumed that what I have mentioned so far are the contents of that link. ‘Fraid not. You see, the CW has announced a change in our usual Friday lineup for next Fall.

Turns out that our Assbutt Fridays consisting of Nikita at 8 PM and our Supernatural at 9 PM will be no more.

I guess this would be a good time to click on that link you skipped over.

(We are moved to Wednesdays at 9 PM.)

Corespondent: 221b-67Impala

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"billspreston asked fandomnewsforecast:
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"billspreston asked fandomnewsforecast:
Heads up - Once Upon a Time Finale just aired and all the storybook characters got their memories back/magic came back to Storybrook. Shipping feels also occurred for Snow/Charming and RumBelle across the fandom. New ship was created in Jefferson/Belle. Principal photography for S2 starts in July!!"
— Duly noted!
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How I Met Your Mother Introduction Packet
Art by Lizeeee on dA.

Current Status: Confirmed for Season 8! Still don’t know who the Mother is. Waiting for the BRoTP to become canon.


How I Met Your Mother is an unorthodox sitcom on CBS.

In the year 2030, a father sits his son and daughter down to tell them the amazing story of how he met their mother. It’s taken him seven real-world years so far, and the only thing the kids know about their mom is that she has a yellow umbrella.

The show is narrated by Bob Saget and focuses on modern-day New York City and five friends who live there:

The show is known for its frequent use of callbacks to old episodes and an extreme sense of detail as far as continuity is concerned. The show airs Monday nights at 8 PM EST on CBS and in syndication on Lifetime. Latest episodes are available on CBS.com, and the show is currently available on Netflix Instant Streaming!

Spoilers under the cut.

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Anonymous said:

Where do we submit our packets to?

If you have a finished packet, you can either submit it to the blog, or send it to the blog e-mail (if you are a regular correspondent, you have this. If not, send an ask off anon and I will reply privately).

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Anonymous said:

What should one do if your fandom is ongoing, but airs in a different country than you live in? Like, for people who live in America who do British shows; there is quite a large time gap between when it airs there and when it's made available here.

I would have to say we would prefer a correspondent for any show to either be native to the country the show airs in or comfortable finding ways to watch it when it originally airs. Our whole purpose as a blog is to explain and predict large fandom reactions, and the majority of a fandom is going to react to the first airing, as was proven with Sherlock. A correspondent who can’t report on the initial reactions won’t be much help as a regular correspondent, though we would still welcome your help in making a fandom introduction packet!

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Community Introduction Packet

Current Status: renewed for a fourth season by NBC, but it was short ordered. Only 4 episodes left in the 3rd season.

Summary:  We faced near cancellation earlier in the year until we the fans got us back on track and on March 15th we were back on television. Were still playing on NBC at 8:00pm on every Thursday night but the 3rd season is soon coming to a wrap with only 4 episodes left. Now were all on the fret due to Community being short ordered by NBC, we just want six seasons and a movie is too much to ask for!!

Community is a sitcom about a group of unlikely friends who all have their own back-story as to why they are attending Greendale Community College (which isn’t even the best Community College in its community) and the mishaps and happenings that happen on campus involving these friends. Even though it is considered a sitcom it certainly doesn’t appear like that at first glance. It is the show that is known for breaking cliché norms and boring over used plots in most sitcoms. It’s the show that makes fun of pop culture and dabs heavily in its use of meta-humour. It’s the show with the sharp tongued, ex-lawyer Jeff. — the anarchist, atheist Britta. — the straight laced, overachiever who got hooked on adderall in high school, Annie. – the religious mother of two Shirley. – the older, racist and sometimes villainous Pierce. – and the duo of the jock turned nerd, Troy with our pop culture referencing, aspergerish Abed. It is the show that fit perfectly in NBC’s comedy night with Parks and Rec and 30 Rock (until NBC ruined it).

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Anonymous said:

So... what, exactly, do we do if we're a correspondent? And when do we start?

Basically, you write up and submit a ‘report’ each week for your fandom, covering anything that has happened and mentioning anything you know will be happening in the next week (for example, it’s pretty predictable that any time there’s an episode of Supernatural, the Supernatural fandom will explode with feels). If you’re looking to be a correspondent for a fandom we don’t already have covered, you’d also be expected to make a fandom introduction packet. The two that have been made are good examples of what we’re looking for. Here's a list of what fandoms we do and don't have correspondents for, and we're always willing to add any fandoms we've missed.

You can start on the packet right away. I’m not sure what day of the week we’ll want the reports on yet.

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Video Forecast

Hey, everyone! If you would also like to share your fandom information and predictions on camera, or if you know someone who would, check out this project! It’s basically like us, but with video!

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